I couldn’t have said it better

I know I’ve been MIA but I am back from vacation and ready to check in. How is everyone doing? Have you made it into this third week feeling good and healthy?

I came across an outstanding article a couple of days ago to share. I can’t really sum it up any better so here it is:


More to come later.


Homework assignment

Tonight, when you eat dinner, I want you to do an experiment. Fix your plate with all the right things, then sit at your dinner table. Regardless if you’re with someone or alone, I want you to take 25 minutes to clean it. No eating fast and sitting there for 20 more minutes. Just. Eat. Slow. Chew everything a bunch of times. Focus on the experience. Enjoy what you’re doing and see what happens as a result.

Packing heat

So when packing for a trip, the first thing I do now is plan my food and snacks. This is actually easier than picking clothes and shoes! This trip involves going out of the country to a very warm island which means several things. One, there’d will be good stuff there like fresh fruit and fish but it means snacks are harder to come by and more expensive. When you’re traveling, think about a game plan. Going somewhere cold? Pack healthy comfort food and fruit which may be harder to find. Think healthy fruit power bars. In a hot environment, keep in mind melting and humidity. Opt instead for nuts and individually wrapped treats. If you’re going somewhere remote, make sure you take anything you would want because chances are, you will not find those lucious lemon Lara bars. Fresh fruit is usually off-limits when going abroad so don’t bother trying to smuggle on that banana unless ye eating it on the plane.

Speaking of, remember the plane rule. Aim for at least one 8 ounce glass of water per hour in the air, AT A MINIMUM. also, steer clear of the plane peanuts and cracker mix. And I shouldn’t have to mention the booze. 🙂

CARBO-loading is not the new black

In fact, the original god of running himself has changed his tune and will be republishing Lore of Running.


Cocoa Bliss Balls

I miss sweets. I love chocolate in all forms and while I don’t over-indulge (usually) I still like that once-in-a-while feeling of eating something rich and yummy. Sort of makes all the vegetables seem more palatable.

Say hello to happiness. These little guys are all kinds of delicious and I’m finding they are great as a GU replacement for long runs since they contain natural sugar, fat and not much else. Keep them in the fridge and keep in mind that they are *treats*. Don’t decide that you can inhale the entire plate simply because they’re paleo and Whole 30 approved ingredients. Remember, we’re trying to do some behavior modification here in addition to clean eating:

1 c walnuts
1 and 1/2 cups pitted dates (SunMaid are perfect)
1 tsp vanilla extract
3-4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
a pinch of salt (optional)

Chop/blend all the ingredients, using a food processor until very crumbly (see photo). No need to blend the dates first. I just throw everything in all at once. Roll into little balls or mush into a 8×8 pan. Refrigerate to help them “set” and enjoy!


Sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t have time to cook a week’s worth of good food on Sunday afternoon. I am a planner so I will look ahead and when necessary, order 3-5 days worth of lunches and/or dinners from a local company called Power Supply.

Power Supply specializes in Whole 30 Paleo meals ensuring that each is an appropriate amount of insanely delicious food. Think lamb meatballs in a tomato ragout, crunchy cool chicken salad in lettuce wrappers and mini beef sliders on a paleo-friendly bun.

There is no membership requirement and meal plan (3 or 5 day, lunch-only, dinner-only or lunch and dinner) needs to be ordered the Wednesday before the week starts. The full menu is always posted ahead of time and seafood entries are always reserved for the 5 week delivery in order to ensure those who aren’t hip to it, don’t get it with the 3 day version.

Recurring plan costs range from 33$ (for lunch only 3x a week) to 109$ (for lunch and dinner, 5x a week) and you can put the meals on hold and/or cancel anytime without paying a fee. One time delivery costs just 2$-10$ more a week. Meals are delivered locally to various CF gyms and can be picked up Monday and Thursday mornings.

Nothing beats a home cooked meal but when you can’t home cook, this is the next best thing.

Diversion tactics

You’re sitting at home/work/car/great aunt’s house and you are bored/tired/happy/sad. In short, your mind starts getting ideas and wants to eat. Not because you’re hungry, but because you’re _(fill in the blank)_. Now what?!

You need diversion tactics. Things to get your mind off your non-existant hunger and focused on anything other than eating. So why not:

– keep a bottle of nail polish (clear or otherwise) on the counter. Slap on a coat. Can’t grab food with wet nails, right?
– drink an entire glass of ice water with lemon. Often thirst is disguised as hunger. Make sure your potential lack of hydration isn’t sneaking around pretending to be food needs.
– vacuum one room in your house. Still hungry? Vacuum another. Lame yes, but it’s a sneaky way to get in some cleaning that may be long overdue
– write someone a note. Someone you haven’t talked to in ages or haven’t seen recently. Just drop them a note. Not an email. A *real* US mail note to tell them you’re thinking of them.
– Go for a walk. This not only gets you out of the house, but it gets the metabolism stoked up and those calories a’burning.
– List out all the things you hope to achieve by the end of this challenge (weight loss, healthy skin, happiness, etc) and put it on your fridge.

There are so many diversion tactics. If you have any other ideas, post them in the comments. WHen the mind is somewhere else, it won’t be thinking about your fridge.

Stay Strong!

It’s our first weekend on the plan. It’s time to stay focused through this. Weekends can be challenging because we’re used to that “work is over, let’s kick back” mentality. So try finding ways to stay busy and don’t forget your weekend cook-up.

More blog goodness coming this weekend. For now, relish in the fact that you’ve made it 5 days and through the hardest part of the Whole 30.

Oil the Machine

Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil

Pure Omega Fatty Acids in the form of a tasty treat (think earthy, mushroomy flavor) Unless you eat a lot of fish on a daily basis, you may not be getting enough Omega fatty acids. These are the “good fats”. The ones that repair muscle, make your heart healthy and give you pretty skin and hair (seriously) Your organs and cells require omegas and the typical American diet (even the Whole 30) can be deficient in this area.

How do I use this?
I like to add a tablespoon a day to already cooked foods (you CANNOT cook with this stuff) The bottle recommends one tablespoon a day per 50lbs of weight. At 120 calories per spoon, some of you are going to question the thinking behind this. First, please read this: http://oilthemachine.com/Weight-Management/Weight-Management.html

I would still recommend at least one spoon and if you’re doing a lot of working out/strength work (i.e., coming to boot camp every day) then you should go at least 2-3. I tend to pour it on my foods so I typically do 2-3 a day (it’s good) It’s delicious on salads instead of olive oil and it goes great on a baked sweet potato or drizzled over a steak.

MOM’s or Whole Foods in the refrigerated section. I will forewarn you, it is a little pricey but think of it in terms of how many salmon steaks you’d need to buy to equal the same amount of healthy goodness. It also does a great job of sating your hunger so when you put it on foods, you’re going to feel fuller a lot longer.

Heaven in a bottle.

The blahs and addiction

So we’ve been at it for a few days now and this is what I like to call “crash city”. It’s when you hit rock bottom and the detox has you in a funk. So what do we do?

We keep at it. Plain and simple. Story time… This past weekend, I ran in a long race. Up to that point, I had been pretty good with the Whole30 since December, staying away from most sugar (my biggest weakness) and feeling pretty damn good. Then the race came up and I sort of stuck with it but when you’re trying to run 100 miles, and you’ve been going in the rain for a number of hours, you start throwing whatever you can find into your body to make it keep going, at least that’s what you tell yourself. This includes sugary soda and gummi bears. Which worked for a while and I went as far as I could during the race before dehydrating (more on this in another post) and dropping out after 75 miles. Sunday I decided to eat whatever I wanted because “I deserved it” Again I stuck with mostly paleo but decided some chocolate would be good. And maybe some more gummi bears. And a few granola bars. I came home and crashed out that night. Monday came and what was the first thing I wanted? You guessed it. Sugar.

You see, being addicted can happen to anyone with any “thing”. It could be soda, coffee, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol. It doesn’t matter what *it* is – it’s something that the head wants but the body doesn’t need. Your body is designed to need fats and protein. That’s it. Your head on the other hand is a different story. Ever had a craving for a big spoon of olive oil or a piece of skinless white chicken breast? Exactly. Just because your head craves it, doesn’t mean your body needs it. What we’re learning to do is listen to our bodies and ignore our heads because often our heads are really good at being a lot louder than our bodies. What I really needed after the race was a few spoons of good fat and a lot of protein to rebuild muscle. I didn’t need sugar. I wanted sugar.

So right now, it’s really super important to work to cut off those voices in our heads. If we cave in, we are essentially letting our heads know that every time they start whining, we’ll give in after a while. And the more this happens, the easier it is to slip up.

So now is the time to be vigilant. These are your hardest days. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Just keep going.