Comfort foods

One of my besties and I were chatting over email today. Over the weekend, she had decided to fix her husband “paleo spaghetti” (if you don’t know what it is, well, it’s not spaghetti) Anyway, he was rather disappointed because the “noodles” were not real noodles. They were spaghetti squash.

At the same time, on the other side of the beltway, I was attempting to convince my fiancee that the paleo cupcakes he was tasting from our potential wedding baker were just as delicious as traditional, gluten filled ones. He too, refused to agree.

So this got me thinking about Whole 30 and what it’s all about. Whole 30 (and Paleo, in general) isn’t about taking bad things out of your diet and switching them for less bad things. It’s not swapping white sugar for honey in your tea, or buying gluten free cookies instead of traditional ones. It’s bigger than that. It’s about changing your behavior.

Since we were young, we have become conditioned to want things and often, that “want” is confused with “need”. My friend’s hubby didn’t want the substitution, just like my fiancee didn’t want the “fake cake” but we all have food needs. So what we are learning to do, as I’ve already said, is give our bodies what they need. Part of learning to do this is to overcome cravings for things we don’t need. Pasta and cakes are toxic. They’re filled with stuff that makes us crave them and for this reason, when we attempt to substitute something else, our minds are smart enough to call “bullshit”. Craving spaghetti won’t be sated with a plate of squash covered in meaty sauce, just like craving a golden baked fat bomb won’t be placated with almond flour and agave.

So what to do? The best way to get around this is to learn to eat things that aren’t attempts at replacing other things. Yes, spaghetti squash and meat sauce are good but only when you don’t have Muellers on the mind. So my suggestion is to learn to cook and eat new foods. Tonight, I’m trying a dish called Machaca con Huevos. It’s pulled Mexican beef with jalapeño and scrambled eggs mixed in. It has a little spice and it’s served over ground cauliflower. Notice, I didn’t say “cauliflower rice” which is what it’s called. I’m tring to work on disassociating the comfort food with paleo food. I want paleo food to become my new comfort food and by trying new things that I’ve never had, this happens all by itself.

So I invite you to explore totally new dishes, keep cooking from Well Fed and explore some of the many online recipe sites.

Oh and if you still want something to put some nice beefy dishes over, I definitely invite you try ground cauliflower. It’s outstanding.


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