Homework assignment

Tonight, when you eat dinner, I want you to do an experiment. Fix your plate with all the right things, then sit at your dinner table. Regardless if you’re with someone or alone, I want you to take 25 minutes to clean it. No eating fast and sitting there for 20 more minutes. Just. Eat. Slow. Chew everything a bunch of times. Focus on the experience. Enjoy what you’re doing and see what happens as a result.


One thought on “Homework assignment

  1. crossja says:

    I can’t wait to do this again at breakfast in the morning. We did this on the 14th and it was lovely.

    BTW, the challenge has had an unintended bonus for me: I now quit eating when I’m full, not when my plate is empty. This week is the first time in my life I noticed I’m eating sensible portions and am somewhat attuned to feeling empty/full. It may have also been because I was traveling and out of my usual routine…but I dunno. I’m very curious (and hopeful!) to see if this continues.

    At the banquet they put dessert in front of me and I wasn’t even interested. That’s also a new phenomenon for me. Woohoo!!! Even if this occurs in the future a quarter of the time, that’s a big personal step.

    Former Clean Plate Club Member

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