Packing heat

So when packing for a trip, the first thing I do now is plan my food and snacks. This is actually easier than picking clothes and shoes! This trip involves going out of the country to a very warm island which means several things. One, there’d will be good stuff there like fresh fruit and fish but it means snacks are harder to come by and more expensive. When you’re traveling, think about a game plan. Going somewhere cold? Pack healthy comfort food and fruit which may be harder to find. Think healthy fruit power bars. In a hot environment, keep in mind melting and humidity. Opt instead for nuts and individually wrapped treats. If you’re going somewhere remote, make sure you take anything you would want because chances are, you will not find those lucious lemon Lara bars. Fresh fruit is usually off-limits when going abroad so don’t bother trying to smuggle on that banana unless ye eating it on the plane.

Speaking of, remember the plane rule. Aim for at least one 8 ounce glass of water per hour in the air, AT A MINIMUM. also, steer clear of the plane peanuts and cracker mix. And I shouldn’t have to mention the booze. šŸ™‚


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