Sometimes life gets in the way and I don’t have time to cook a week’s worth of good food on Sunday afternoon. I am a planner so I will look ahead and when necessary, order 3-5 days worth of lunches and/or dinners from a local company called Power Supply.

Power Supply specializes in Whole 30 Paleo meals ensuring that each is an appropriate amount of insanely delicious food. Think lamb meatballs in a tomato ragout, crunchy cool chicken salad in lettuce wrappers and mini beef sliders on a paleo-friendly bun.

There is no membership requirement and meal plan (3 or 5 day, lunch-only, dinner-only or lunch and dinner) needs to be ordered the Wednesday before the week starts. The full menu is always posted ahead of time and seafood entries are always reserved for the 5 week delivery in order to ensure those who aren’t hip to it, don’t get it with the 3 day version.

Recurring plan costs range from 33$ (for lunch only 3x a week) to 109$ (for lunch and dinner, 5x a week) and you can put the meals on hold and/or cancel anytime without paying a fee. One time delivery costs just 2$-10$ more a week. Meals are delivered locally to various CF gyms and can be picked up Monday and Thursday mornings.

Nothing beats a home cooked meal but when you can’t home cook, this is the next best thing.


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