Diversion tactics

You’re sitting at home/work/car/great aunt’s house and you are bored/tired/happy/sad. In short, your mind starts getting ideas and wants to eat. Not because you’re hungry, but because you’re _(fill in the blank)_. Now what?!

You need diversion tactics. Things to get your mind off your non-existant hunger and focused on anything other than eating. So why not:

– keep a bottle of nail polish (clear or otherwise) on the counter. Slap on a coat. Can’t grab food with wet nails, right?
– drink an entire glass of ice water with lemon. Often thirst is disguised as hunger. Make sure your potential lack of hydration isn’t sneaking around pretending to be food needs.
– vacuum one room in your house. Still hungry? Vacuum another. Lame yes, but it’s a sneaky way to get in some cleaning that may be long overdue
– write someone a note. Someone you haven’t talked to in ages or haven’t seen recently. Just drop them a note. Not an email. A *real* US mail note to tell them you’re thinking of them.
– Go for a walk. This not only gets you out of the house, but it gets the metabolism stoked up and those calories a’burning.
– List out all the things you hope to achieve by the end of this challenge (weight loss, healthy skin, happiness, etc) and put it on your fridge.

There are so many diversion tactics. If you have any other ideas, post them in the comments. WHen the mind is somewhere else, it won’t be thinking about your fridge.


2 thoughts on “Diversion tactics

  1. crossja says:

    My massive craving for bread today was tempered by purchasing the smallest pair of jeans I’ve owned since my soph year in college. And my senior recital formal (from 15 years ago) is too big – off to Goodwill. Woohoo!

    • ultrgrl says:

      That is amazing! I’m so proud of you! Hopefully the crabby laggy sugar blues are going away as well by now. The weigh loss is really just bonus. Your body is seriously happy right now.

      Also, what I have found is the thing that you crave the most tends to take the longest to kick. For me, this is sugar in any form. Your kryptonite might be bread. Just keep at it and know that even if you do have a piece of bread it’s not the end of the world. Remember, you’re making deposits into a healthy body bank from which you can withdraw in the form of a treat every now and then. My guess is, once you do have bread, you’ll find that it tasted better in your head.

      Keep it up!

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