Stay Strong!

It’s our first weekend on the plan. It’s time to stay focused through this. Weekends can be challenging because we’re used to that “work is over, let’s kick back” mentality. So try finding ways to stay busy and don’t forget your weekend cook-up.

More blog goodness coming this weekend. For now, relish in the fact that you’ve made it 5 days and through the hardest part of the Whole 30.


3 thoughts on “Stay Strong!

  1. crossja says:

    Thanks! Finally hit the wall today, hard. Drained, unfocused, hungry, depressed, anxious. I ate everything Paleo in sight and took a nap. I know I over ate, but at least it was all clean. Finally feeling somewhat normal again. Maybe started a little too gung ho with too few carbs and calories on top of hard workouts this week. That or week one really is that tough.

  2. Frances RodrigueZ says:

    Oh! I definitely felt it today, specially when at 2pm this girl scout walked into our office with TONS of girl scout cookies! But, instead of the incredibly yummy cookies I ate (like you told us) carrots! FYI, when you are craving sugar carrots taste like poison! Lol! But I didn’t cheat! Hopefully it will get better next week! 😉

  3. ultrgrl says:

    But ladies, you did it. Do you know how huge that is?!? Do you know what will power that took? If you can do it for the hardest week there is (the first one) just think how easy it will be from here on out.

    Correction. It’s never easy but it does get easier. Bravo, friends, bravo…

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