The blahs and addiction

So we’ve been at it for a few days now and this is what I like to call “crash city”. It’s when you hit rock bottom and the detox has you in a funk. So what do we do?

We keep at it. Plain and simple. Story time… This past weekend, I ran in a long race. Up to that point, I had been pretty good with the Whole30 since December, staying away from most sugar (my biggest weakness) and feeling pretty damn good. Then the race came up and I sort of stuck with it but when you’re trying to run 100 miles, and you’ve been going in the rain for a number of hours, you start throwing whatever you can find into your body to make it keep going, at least that’s what you tell yourself. This includes sugary soda and gummi bears. Which worked for a while and I went as far as I could during the race before dehydrating (more on this in another post) and dropping out after 75 miles. Sunday I decided to eat whatever I wanted because “I deserved it” Again I stuck with mostly paleo but decided some chocolate would be good. And maybe some more gummi bears. And a few granola bars. I came home and crashed out that night. Monday came and what was the first thing I wanted? You guessed it. Sugar.

You see, being addicted can happen to anyone with any “thing”. It could be soda, coffee, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol. It doesn’t matter what *it* is – it’s something that the head wants but the body doesn’t need. Your body is designed to need fats and protein. That’s it. Your head on the other hand is a different story. Ever had a craving for a big spoon of olive oil or a piece of skinless white chicken breast? Exactly. Just because your head craves it, doesn’t mean your body needs it. What we’re learning to do is listen to our bodies and ignore our heads because often our heads are really good at being a lot louder than our bodies. What I really needed after the race was a few spoons of good fat and a lot of protein to rebuild muscle. I didn’t need sugar. I wanted sugar.

So right now, it’s really super important to work to cut off those voices in our heads. If we cave in, we are essentially letting our heads know that every time they start whining, we’ll give in after a while. And the more this happens, the easier it is to slip up.

So now is the time to be vigilant. These are your hardest days. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Just keep going.


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