Oil the Machine

Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil

Pure Omega Fatty Acids in the form of a tasty treat (think earthy, mushroomy flavor) Unless you eat a lot of fish on a daily basis, you may not be getting enough Omega fatty acids. These are the “good fats”. The ones that repair muscle, make your heart healthy and give you pretty skin and hair (seriously) Your organs and cells require omegas and the typical American diet (even the Whole 30) can be deficient in this area.

How do I use this?
I like to add a tablespoon a day to already cooked foods (you CANNOT cook with this stuff) The bottle recommends one tablespoon a day per 50lbs of weight. At 120 calories per spoon, some of you are going to question the thinking behind this. First, please read this: http://oilthemachine.com/Weight-Management/Weight-Management.html

I would still recommend at least one spoon and if you’re doing a lot of working out/strength work (i.e., coming to boot camp every day) then you should go at least 2-3. I tend to pour it on my foods so I typically do 2-3 a day (it’s good) It’s delicious on salads instead of olive oil and it goes great on a baked sweet potato or drizzled over a steak.

MOM’s or Whole Foods in the refrigerated section. I will forewarn you, it is a little pricey but think of it in terms of how many salmon steaks you’d need to buy to equal the same amount of healthy goodness. It also does a great job of sating your hunger so when you put it on foods, you’re going to feel fuller a lot longer.

Heaven in a bottle.


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