Cuckoo for coconut milk

Ok, so there’s some confusion surrounding coconut milk so let’s clear the air right now. There are so many options and brands that it’s tough to know exactly what is recommended, what isn’t recommended and what is actually not even coconut milk.

Coconut water
Ok, so, I know you think this is obvious but coconut water is just that. It’s coconut that has been watered down. It is allowed on the Whole 30 but it’s really just over-priced water. Unless you actually like the taste of that stuff, it’s not worth the cost. I would recommend it if you’re looking to replace Gatorade during a workout or you’re a hipster who eschews everything “unnatural” but that’s about it. Brands include Vita Coco and Zico.

Cartoned coconut milk
This stuff is everywhere. You see it on the shelf next to the Almond and Soy milk and there’s yogurt and creamer made from the same recipe. The problem with this stuff is that it has added sugar. And we are on a sugar sabbatical right now. Brands include Silk and So Delicious. It’s not silk and it’s not so delicious.

Finally, the good stuff!
Coconut milk, IN A CAN
It needs to come from a can to be what we are look for. Where does one find such a product? In the ethnic food aisle! This product is often used in Thai and Spanish dishes. However, not all canned coconut milk is created equal. Make sure you look for BPA free cans since the overseas products can have some weird stuff in it.


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