Travel, pt 2

Depending on how long you’re sitting in an airport, you may find it a requirement to actually purchase food there. Sometimes, based on where you are, this can present a real challenge.

Yesterday I had to fly out of Dulles. One would think an airport that large would have a bevy of great choices! One would be wrong. Even in the A terminal which is brand new and full of restaurants, there is suprisingly little in the way of passible.

Here’s the good/decent:
Gordon Biersch
Green Leaf’s Grill
Harry’s Tap Room

The bad:
City Wok
Five Guys

And the ugly :
Famous Familiglia
Great American Bagel Bakery

And the worst of the worst, the REALLY ugly:
Dunkin Donuts

There are a few others but I’d like to explain what makes up each grouping so that you can make a more informed choice. The good choices all offer salads (keep an eye on what’s in them, though), fresh fruit smoothies, grilled meats and vegetables. None are perfect choices but you should be able find something at each.

The bad typically includes places where food is fried or cooked heavily in oil and I can tell you they’re not using extra virgin olive or grapeseed! Sushi falls in there mainly because very few people actually order only sashimi. Remember, too, soy is out which means miso soup and soy sauce are no-nos.

The ugly is white carb HELL. It’s a place where there is virtually no dish not made with starchy, useless, bloat-inducing, blood-sugar-spiking evil processed flour. And in the case of Italian, more cheese than your arteries can cringe at.

And finally, REALLY ugly needs no explanation. It’s all of the bad from above. And really, there is no place in any eating plan that includes Cinnabon and Dunkin Donuts.

So try to think in terms of “what can I have” when looking at your choices rather than “what can’t I have”. I’ve also found that at sit down restaurants, you’re sometimes able to get things prepared without certain stuff like cheese or oils but having menu items already paleo-friendly makes it easier on you and the kitchen.

Besides, we all know that wafting smell of warm cinnamon buns is not going to suddenly summon Nana to gate 18 with a plate of made-from-scratch heavenly goodness like she did when you were 8.

Finally, the last thing I want to emphasize is water. Water. Water. Water. Healthy eats and lots of water ensures that when you land, you don’t actually look like Nana.

Happy and healthy travels!


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