So, I have to …

So with this whole challenge comes life. And in life, things do come up. So part of what I want to do here is post great stuff you can still eat when <insert excuse here> comes up.

Today’s topic is travel. I know everyone does it, some for work, some for vacation, some for whatever. What is probably the most challenging thing to do is travel somewhere “off the DC-esque” path, say like a foreign country. Or even Texas, which could easily be considered a foreign country at times.

Never fear! You have options. Let’s explore some, shall we?

Plain old, easy to port around fruit. When it’s fresh, go for the stuff that holds up to travel like oranges and apples. They’re sturdy, they “age” (aka rot) slower and they can be thrown in a bag and voila! Done! Also, dried fruit is wonderful here, however, be very careful. Make sure you buy ONLY fruit. Some of the fruit mixtures contain sugars, “flavorings” and the like. Also, if you’re going for a mix of fruit and nuts, steer clear of peanuts and don’t even think about soy nuts or candies. I love how healthy mixes contain a lot of junky stuff.

BarsLara Bars
I love bars. Bars remind me of candy bars and everyone likes candy bars. However, we all know they’re a bit unfriendly on the blood sugar and belly. So I’ve been doing some “research” (i.e., eating) and can recommend one – Lara bars. These little gems come in all kinds of delicious flavors that mimic foods you may already have a big love for including lemon bars, key lime pie and various cookies. Make sure when you’re picking them out you choose the ones that do not have peanuts. Some even come in chocolate-ish flavors. Giant carries some of the flavors. The MOM’s in Del Ray has pretty much every single one. They’re nothing but nuts, dried fruits and an occasional hint of flavor.

Nuts are your friend (*) They are packed with good aminos and healthy fats. They also do a great job of sating hunger. The thing about diets is often there isn’t enough “good fat” in dietary meals to make you feel like you ate anything. You know how you can take one bite of a heavy, rich, super dense truffle and feel that instant ohmahgawd, I’m done! It’s the crazy amount of fat you’re eating, albeit not good fat. We’re going to talk about fat in a later post but eating fat does not make you fat. Your body needs it and nuts are a wonderful way to get it. They’re portable, they’re tasty and often if you find yourself at a cocktail party, it’s about the only healthy thing there. And bonus! They travel.

(*) In moderation. Remember when I said you don’t need to count calories most of the time? Well, this is one time where you don’t want to consume an entire can of Diamond almonds in one sitting. Think the size of your finger and thumb, touching to make an “O”. That’s about one serving so stick with only 1-2 at a time. And no peanuts.

We will continue this discussion later today..


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