Hi. I have gas.

So today as I was grabbing my morning cup of the most amazing tea ever (side note – I buy it by the case from Amazon and it’s called Nutcracker Sweet by Celestial Seasonings. TRY IT if you get a chance) I feel victim to a thing I like to call “old habits”

You see since starting paleo, I have nixed my refined sugars for honey and agave syrup. Being a total sugar addict, I still crave sweet things way more than I do salty. However, I used to totally OD on a certain sugar substitute, figuring that all that real sugar was bad for me. Artificial sweetners, while not great, were not nearly as bad. Boy, was I wrong.

So out of habit (yes, this is going somewhere) I pulled out several packets of that fake stuff and poured it into my tea cup as I ran off to a meeting. First thing I noticed was that my tea tasted insanely sweet compared to my new normal “tame sweet” which I’ve grown accustomed to. However, the worst was yet to come. Within about 15 minutes, I was cramping like a mad woman. If you’ve ever gotten severe gas and not been in the privacy of your home or car, you know what this feels like. Misery and pain, trying to hold it in while your belly smooshes out, making you look like you’re several months deep into procreation and unnerving you to fear that at any moment, something bad will come out in front of those around you. Not a pretty sight.

Once I was able to break free, I made a break for the bathroom and unleashed the fury within. Sadly, that lasted the better part of two hours (although I didn’t stay there that long, mind you)

So where am I going with this? In short, artificial sweetners are worse than sugar for you. This is why it’s vitally important that you start thinking about the reality of ridding yourself of them. Here’s a great read on their effect. Yes, Splenda was created as a by-product when attempting to make insecticides. Yes, it raises blood sugar in diabetics. And yes, it can cause an increase in appetite.

And worst of all? It will give you severe gas, even in very small quantities.

So let’s work to keep the air clean! Nature’s trumpet deserved to be played only from the fiber in our natural foods. Do yourself a favor for the next 30 days. Steer clear of the fake stuff.




2 thoughts on “Hi. I have gas.

  1. crossja says:

    Ah, you poor thing. Terrible little experiment. Empathy – have been there. “Nature’s trumpet” love it! New one for me. Love these posts; thanks so much. Can’t wait to keep reading. The grains draw-down has gone well and changes are already happening before Day 1.

    • ultrgrl says:

      What I have found is that I don’t usually have gas on Paleo. Think about it – the things that often cause gas are legumes, dairy, white flour products (from bloating) and artificial sweetners, all of which are not on the plan. If we cut out the sources, we are only left with natural fiber which I find doesn’t cause as much gas as it does regularity. So we’re even more ladylike on the “caveman diet”! How ironic!

      So lad the grain drawn down has gone well. I’m not sure which was better for me – getting off dairy or getting off grains. It really doesn’t matter though. Isn’t it nice how much better you feel?

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